J.M. Dabney and Tracey Michael




Some scars never fade.


A majority of a life spent in chains and servitude blackened what little remained of Nicolette Medina-Jackyl’s soul. For the first few decades she held tight to the cherished memories of her siblings and parents and blocked out the night they died. Her twin Naomi died in her arms while locked inside a cage. Years of abuse and degradation turned Nicolette into a killer. She’d relished the kill and the glassy stares of her victims. Their deaths were a record of her strength and survival.


Now, centuries passed and Nico discovered her older sister Amora lived. What Nico became haunted her even more so when a woman reawakened her conscience. Can a killer made find redemption in one single dance with a woman created for her alone?


Nikki Tango grew up with just enough and more than enough. Her father, a mechanic, provided for her as best he could on blue-collar wages. What he lacked, he made up for in love and attention.


Nikki learned to dance at an early age, loving the freedom it gave her mind. She worked hard, day and night, to make it to the Big Stage, until jealousy and betrayal tainted her career. So she made a significant life change. She moved to New Orleans, wanting to start over. Dancing was still a priority but an actual life with friends rated a close second. Enter a woman, who turned her knees to mush with a single slow dance. Can Nikki convince Nicolette to give her a chance, or are they only destined for one moment in time?

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