Mending the broken pieces.


Bram Medina-Jackyl lived on the cusp of some battle or another. His fists were weapons he knew how to use well, but when it came to his heart he prefers to ignore it. He knew his place and that was as a guard dog whether that was at the door of some club or in a makeshift underground ring. It was the purpose he fulfilled because he didn’t know any other way. Until his heart decided it had other plans.


The disappointment Fernando Reis turned into began at puberty. Different from his first breath and it hadn’t changed any over the course of his long life. The Pack Alpha’s only son should’ve remembered his duty to the pack, but what and who he was didn’t live up to the high standards. A beating he barely survived delivered him into the caring of Amora Medina-Jackyl. A century of belonging to her extended family and his new pack provided him with a security and family he’d never known before. That is until Karma decided to play a few tricks with Nando’s head.


Ada Garber’s life story was a jagged roadmap of scar tissue. She believed for a long time in the creatures that supposedly went bump in the night, but her monsters were of the human variety. That is until Ada learned humans weren’t her biggest concern, and she had the scars to prove it. Ada resigned herself to death until a female Vampire swept Ada under her protection and gave her options she’d never dreamed were possible. Although she knew one secret fantasy wouldn’t be hers—to be loved.


Three broken pieces, each with their own mental and physical scars come together on a mission to find the evil striving to destroy them. Can the love of three damaged souls find their way out of the darkness to finally become whole?


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