Collared by His Domme

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Collared by his Domme Trilogy 1


Ellie Knox isn't your typical female. She's big, brash and more than anything she's always in charge, and that includes the bedroom. A construction foreperson and former teacher, she's found her place in the world, where she's the most comfortable. She has her favorite bar, her friends and her job, and a family that’s beyond accepting. Aside from a few preconceived notions of what and who she is, she gets along just fine. That’s until Jack McCall comes along. 

Jack is a slender, below average built office manager. He's content in the knowledge of his place. He works, has few friends and wears his insecurities like a badge. Not one to stand out in a crowd, he's an unassuming man. But all that changes when he meets the tall, loud and sexually aggressive Ellie. Her refusal to stand by convention makes her Jack's total opposite, but for reasons he can't explain, he just can't help giving into her.

Collared by his Domme Trilogy 2


Aurora Keefer knew the structure of her military upbringing and her own time in the Marines. With nowhere else to go, she returns to small town, Haynes, Virginia. She has her two best friends there and a new job as a Deputy. Secrets from her past and PTSD make it hard to keep her head on her shoulders. The sudden caretaking of her teenage brother, Darcy, doesn’t help her adjustment to being a civilian back stateside easy. Control and discipline are the only things she finds comfortable and when she meets Calhoun every dominant instinct she has comes screaming to the surface. She wants him and she won’t let him get away.


Calhoun Moses knows who he is, he breeds some of the best horses in the country and he’s proud of his ranch. There’s never been anything else he wanted to do, but unfortunately he had a secret. His sexual needs war with his self-image. Big, masculine Cal thinks his fantasies of domination by a woman need to be secret. That’s until slightly messed up Deputy Rory Keefer walks into his life. From the first moment he saw her something about her drew him. When she made her role as dominant known and she specifically wanted him, he couldn’t do anything but flee.


One woman who can’t change who she is and one man that refuses to change, when they clash who’ll win? Will he surrender to his darkest desires or deny what they both can’t fight?

Collared by his Domme Trilogy 3


Fire Captain Taylor “Fell” Longfellow learned one thing growing up, traditional families weren’t normal. With a string of failed relationships under her belt she’s decided to settle into a single existence. She has her friends, her co-workers at the firehouse and a family she loves, what more could she want? The answer to that barreled into her on the rugby field.


Rookie EMT Marcus Benson moved to Haynes, Virginia, to put some distance between him, his overbearing, yet loving mother and his annoying twin brother. All he wanted was a nice quiet life, until he tackled a firefighter during a rivalry rugby game. Who he thought was a short, slight man turned out to be Fell. The older woman confused him from day one. She didn’t make the fact she wanted him a secret, but could he give her what she quietly demanded?


A woman who loves to keep her man on edge and a man lost in his confusion meet. Is it a happily ever after or two broken hearts in the making?


Cover Art by Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design 

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