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June, 2023

Life and Death sometimes made you believe in second chances


One thing I was sure of in my life was I'd never start over after my marriage of thirty years ended. Yet when our kids formed lives of their own, we'd grown apart. I'd signed the papers and tried to move on. My work as a Homicide Detective became my life. It left me with no time to think, but I couldn't exist for my job alone. All that changed when they assigned Remy Bosley as my new partner. He was too good to be true, but in a short time, he became my friend—maybe something more.


For twenty-eight years, I'd worked to leave my past behind. Although, when the horrors shaped you into the person you were, there was no escape. Being a cop for me was making sure no one else turned out like me. My partner, Robert Kauffman, made it clear how far I'd shoved my dreams down. I was too old and damaged for fairy tales, yet that's exactly what I wanted. In a few short years, his family became mine, and I couldn't lose that no matter how much I wanted more than friends. When he was in danger, I did what needed to be done, and nothing was ever the same.

When a serial killer makes Remy’s old turf his hunting ground, how far will he go to protect the innocent?



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Time Didn't Heal All Wounds


When I'd moved from Homicide to the Cold Case Unit my friends headed, I'd thought it would be a new start. The minute my marriage fell apart I'd lost my purpose. Years passed and I hadn't found myself until I'd helped my friends catch a serial killer, but I'd also found friends and family. As I'd searched for a case among dusty boxes, a decades' old murder and missing person case caught my attention. The autopsy report send me to the M.E.'s office and the man I'd avoided for months.


Making death my job didn't allow for normal friends, but the dead needed an advocate and it was the only purpose I'd known. Being an Medical Examiner was all I'd had for decades and I didn't know what to do outside my job. I had a group of friends, all worked in law enforcement and forensics, but one thing was missing. Short, adorable middle-aged men weren't getting swept off their feet. When my secret crush, needed my help with a case to the detriment of my sanity I said yes. All I had to do was not be my weird self and blurt out everything in my head.

When a missing person case turns out to be more than it appears can Stevenson keep Doc safe from a twenty year old threat?