The Baby Girl Trilogy

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What happens when you the love you feel is forbidden?

Grizz Palma loved Prima, his foster sister, and did everything to make sure her life was more than possessions in a garage bag. Making his baby girl’s life easier was the only thing he cared about, but she was forbidden to him. She was eighteen and the things he wanted to do to her were dirty, but his sweet Princess called to everything inside him. He couldn’t deny his need anymore.

Prima aged out of the foster care system and now she was on her own, except for her older foster brother. She’s loved him since she’d met him when she’d come to live with his parents at sixteen. Grizz loved her, cared for her, and made her feel safe when he kissed her forehead. But she was too young for him, she knew it, but that didn’t stop her need.

Darwin needed his neighbor’s foster sister. She’d enslaved him the second he’d seen her innocence, the cute freckles across her pale cheeks. He couldn’t deny his possessiveness or the fact she wanted to make her his. Grizz and him knew what they wanted, they were going to be the best Daddies they’re baby girl needed, and nothing would stop them from claiming their little girl.

A Beast didn’t deserve a baby girl like her.

Beast had one goal since he was twelve and that was to be a Heavyweight Champion. He put his body through hell to be the best and he wouldn’t let anything sidetrack him. Although, blonde ringlets and sweet smiles called to the monster he kept inside. Cindy would be his and she’d be more important than even the attainment of his longest dream.

Cindy lived day in and day out with Beast. He kept her safe and cared for, made her feel as if no one else in the world was important. She wanted to break his control he held in a steely-grip. Have him claim her for his own, but would she be enough for Beast and could she be the baby girl he needed?

His Little Princess was all he cared about.

Charles knew the minute he heard Chastity’s voice that she belonged to him and he was a man obsessed. She’d be his baby girl and she’d never doubt what he felt for her. He’d be the best Daddy his little girl deserved.

Pain and suffering was all Chastity had known in her life. Sold at the age of sixteen to a cruel man and she’d learn not to expect much from life. That is until she heard a kind voice over the phone and she wanted to be his. She knew he’d keep her safe and happy. But would her Daddy see the beautiful within the broken or was she just a kind man’s project?

Cover Art by Hostile Whispers Press, LLC

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