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Cold Cases and Deadly Lies is delayed due to extensive rewrites to the book. The story will come out as soon as possible, but due to the nature of the book J.M. Dabney needs further time to bring you the best possible story. Please sign up for their newsletter or find them on social media for further details.

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October, 2021

Life and Death sometimes made you believe in second chances


One thing I was sure of in my life was I'd never start over after my marriage of thirty years ended. Yet when our kids formed lives of their own, we'd grown apart. I'd signed the papers and tried to move on. My work as a Homicide Detective became my life. It left me with no time to think, but I couldn't exist for my job alone. All that changed when they assigned Remy Bosley as my new partner. He was too good to be true, but in a short time, he became my friend—maybe something more.


For twenty-eight years, I'd worked to leave my past behind. Although, when the horrors shaped you into the person you were, there was no escape. Being a cop for me was making sure no one else turned out like me. My partner, Robert Kauffman, made it clear how far I'd shoved my dreams down. I was too old and damaged for fairy tales, yet that's exactly what I wanted. In a few short years, his family became mine, and I couldn't lose that no matter how much I wanted more than friends. When he was in danger, I did what needed to be done, and nothing was ever the same.

When a serial killer makes Remy’s old turf his hunting ground, how far will he go to protect the innocent?



February 22, 2022

Time didn't heal all wounds and the scars were about to be ripped open


When I'd moved from Homicide to the Cold Case Unit my friends headed, I'd thought it would be a new start. The minute my marriage fell apart I'd lost my purpose. Years passed and I hadn't found myself until I'd helped my friends catch a serial killer, but I'd also found friends and family. As I'd searched for a case among dusty boxes, a decades' old murder and missing person case caught my attention. The autopsy report send me to the M.E.'s office and the man I'd avoided for months.


Making death my job didn't allow for normal friends, but the dead needed an advocate and it was the only purpose I'd known. Being an Medical Examiner was all I'd had for decades and I didn't know what to do outside my job. I had a group of friends, all worked in law enforcement and forensics, but one thing was missing. Short, adorable middle-aged men weren't getting swept off their feet. When my secret crush, needed my help with a case to the detriment of my sanity I said yes. All I had to do was not be my weird self and blurt out everything in my head.

When a missing person case turns out to be more than it appears can Stevenson keep Doc safe from a twenty year old threat?



April 5, 2022

An unknown enemy wanted to take everything from us.


I'd spent all of my forty-plus years paying for mistakes when I'd simply been human. Living my life in the shadow of the happiness my friends from the Cold Case Unit found grew harder every day. I didn't mind being the odd one out; didn't mind being considered the unloveable straight-laced-ish one to their mayhem. Acceptance after a lifetime of not measuring up was nice. I'd found my rhythm and my place among the weirdness of my unit. That was until Marcel Douglas the new ego-manic in Homicide decided he had to pick apart every case I'd left behind.


Leaving Chicago hadn't been in my plans, but my daughter needed me. I'd do about anything to make her happy. When her mother was transferred out of the States I'd moved so my daughter could stay with her friends—the place she'd come to love. Being at the bottom of the hierarchy and earning respect didn't sit right with my pride. I wasn't afraid to admit that. And I'd made one hell of an enemy. Graves and his Cold Case Unit frustrated me and I didn't understand their method. A series of body dumps brought me back to Graves for help, but he wasn't feeling charitable.

We'd thought we were our biggest and bitterest enemies until the threats came, could we work together before the man gunning for us could finish the job?



July 19, 2022

When your only goal is to save the world, who's there when you need to be rescued?


For most of my life, I'd been the savior and sought after when anyone found themselves in trouble. It could be to atone for sins of my past or because I was a natural caregiver. Whatever it was, I didn't understand how to do anything else. My Outreach program cared for everyone in the city who needed help, and I wouldn't say I hadn't made enemies, but when the protector needed protection, I wasn't prepared for Dolan Sharp.


No one did anything for free or out of the kindness of their hearts. That wasn't how the world worked, and it was always survival of the fittest. I didn't care what anyone said about the man named Boss. When I witnessed Boss in action, what I thought I'd believed shattered, and I didn't know how to handle that.

There are always threats at every turn. It's just a matter of when they catch up to you, but when one jaded man and another with a seemingly deep death wish have to work together, who's going to survive the aftermath?



December 8, 2022

When two broken men find redemption together, will one survive to accept it?


Everyone assumed I was a magnet for trouble, or maybe I searched it out on my own. By the age of forty, I almost destroyed my life. The tragic event that changed my entire perception of myself is haunting me. When a friend is in danger, I volunteer to keep them safe and momentarily distract myself from my problems. Yet my demons keep hunting me down.


For twenty years since my divorce, I'd completely cut myself off from all physical connection with another person. PTSD has taken everything from me, and a time bomb lives in my head—ready to go off at any moment. For the most part, I've learned to control it. When Chance needs help learning a healthier coping mechanism, I offer my assistance, but when he’s healed, will I be able to let him go like I'd promised?

Nothing had prepared two traumatized men for each other. Can they heal and find redemption, or will the danger around them take one from the other before they realize they have more than their demons?




When a special assignment brings two men together, they become a target for a man with a grudge. Can they find the danger before it’s too late?


My Commander made me the Rookie Wrangler. Well, one rookie, but that was more than enough. Trey Callaghan was the newest member of the Winston Harbor S.W.A.T. Unit and I was in charge of getting him settled in. That had been the plan until a nightmare from my past reappeared, and he had his focus directed on Trey. I'd protect the man by any means necessary.


Making the S.W.A.T. Unit was my dream assignment. I'd fought hard for the chance, and I'd do anything to keep it. At least, that’s what I'd thought until Lieutenant Sean Claxton. Being assigned as the sexy, older man’s  partner hadn't been in my plans. When a threat to Claxton puts a target on my back, would I survive?

When two men are cut off from traditional help, how far will they go to protect each other?

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