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Fifth series in the Powers County Universe



Book 1 Coming Soon

You can’t run from your past.

Alex Quintin loved his daughter, Cameron, and adopted son, Kray more than anything. After living through a nightmare he’d felt they needed to get out of New York. Powers, Georgia called to him after all the stories his old friend told him and his occasional visits. He hadn’t thought twice when he’d packed up his penthouse and headed south. The only dark spot were his children weren't adjusting and hell came to Powers with them.

Safety changed everything.

Grace Upton moved to a small town in Georgia three years ago. A friend she’d met in an online support group spoke about the safety that existed there. Terrified of a repeat of the past she kept to herself running her thrift store and spending time with Harper. The other woman made her envious, but she couldn’t let the insecurities go, until a gorgeous older man walked into her store with his two teenagers and changed everything.

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